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A Blessed Wonderful Truth

This is such a blessed wonderful truth that no human mind could have possibly invented it. To be revealed and to know that we are the "Inheritance" of the Mighty Yahuah Alahim is the best motivating and inspirational knowledge to receive that will help and keep us motivated to diligently seek Him, learn of Him and obey Him on our journey to His kingdom. He could have chosen what-so-ever He desired to be His inheritance. He refused to take this whole world for His inheritance-- for this world shall soon be burnt up!!! Yahuah did not say that His Angels, which serve Him "Faithfully" in all things were His inheritance. But the Eternal King of the Ages said,"My delight were in the sons of men." Yes Yahuah Alahim, knew that when He would bring the "AGE TO AN END" and bring forth the day that starts Eternity, He would receive His inheritance. Y'sreal!!! "For Yahuah has chosen Jacob to Himself, and Y'sreal for His peculiar Treasure." What a wonderful feeling to know that we are Yahuah's Special Treasure. And by knowing this, why would one want to become a part of a world that will soon be destroyed? I mean not only do we obtain an inheritance in Yahuah, but Yahuah also secures an inheritance within us. What a blessing it is to know that Yahuah, the "Possessor" of the Heavens and Earth considers us, and our Faith, and our Love and our Worship!!! 

Surely this is a marvelous thing to know that it was Yahuah Alahim's purpose to have us as His Inheritance. For it is written, "Blessed is the Nation whose Alahim is Yahuah; and Blessed are the People whom Alahim has chosen for His own inheritance."  {Psalm 33:12}. Blessed is "The set apart Nation"-- "The Chosen Generation"--"The Royal Priesthood"---"The Peculiar People". We, His favored people were chosen by Alahim to be His inheritance. And knowing that this has been DECREED by Alahim before the foundation of the world, and that He fixed His Heart upon having us for Himself, this has drawn me and encouraged me and even convicted me to come up out of the world, the ways of the world, and false religions, and to turn to Him and obey Him. This is truly a love like no other from the Creator of all living things all things created, and to know that He has loved us with an everlasting love, let's me know that no matter what I may face, what I may endure, what obstacles I may have to cross, what the cause may be, with Him all things will work out for my good, and through His Son Yahusha I can do all things, overcome all things and know that no matter what, I am protected, provided for, and loved!!!



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