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Caffeine is a legal mainstream drug that has been classified as a stimulant and has become the most popular drug used in today’s world. Out of all of the caffeinated drinks and foods, coffee is the most consumed. It is estimated that 96% of families drink
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A study was published in the Journal of Circulation in 2015 that stated, scientist have estimated that soft-drinks are responsible for 184,000 deaths in adults every year by causing heart disease, cancer, and strokes. Despite the many published studies tha
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Cholesterol is a lipid that is produced in an abundant amount by the liver; a lipid by definition is a group of fats or fat-like substances that are insoluble (unable to dissolve) in water and soluble (dissolve) in alcohol. Cholesterol is essential to the
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This is a simple chart that I put together to help give individuals clear choices. There are three column: bad, better, and best. The items listed in the “bad” column should be avoided as much as possible. This chart can be printed and used as a general g
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Trans Fat What Are They and How to Avoid Them   Most individuals have heard that trans fat increase your risk for heart disease; but few know that it also increases your risk for stroke, cancer, dementia, and type 2 diabetes. Even less of the general popul
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The body requires water for proper function. The source of this water and the amount needed per individual per day is debatable. Some experts state that 8 glasses of water a day are sufficient, while others claim that an individual should be consuming a ga
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At one time most individuals didn’t question the quality or safety of tap water; depending on your location it may have even been unusual to see people avoiding drinking water from their facet. As disease rates and frequency began to rise, individuals bega
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Processed sugar and sweeteners are a major contributor to not only the obesity epidemic, but a major factor in the development of disease. One of the most common sweeteners used in the United States is High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Since 1975 the consum
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There’s a misconception that is held by some that food either does not affect health to a great degree, or that once an individual becomes ill, the types of foods consumed does not matter, and the only importance is that they are eating. Even in many hospi
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( Updated, Corrected & Added To on the 16/10/18, I believe & felt the Ruach = Spirit of YAH! expand on & emphasise the Greatest Part also. ( Article Written on the 14/10/18 ) ROMANS 6:15-16, NOT UNDER THE LAW? Romans 6:15-16 is not talking abou
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